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Dermal Fillers North London | Dermal Fillers Hampstead


Your face deserves special treatment. It’s how you greet the world every day, it braves the weather for you all year round, and it expresses your thoughts and feelings so very eloquently. All that activity can take its toll on your skin, which is why we offer some of the leading aesthetic face treatments to help you make the most of your natural beauty and bring your skin to optimum health.

Body Laser Hair Removal North London | Body Laser Hair Removal Hampstead


You work hard to look your best but you may feel your body needs some special care and attention. We offer some of the leading non-invasive aesthetic body treatments to help you bring your skin to optimum health and feel confident about your beautiful body.

Medical Skincare North London | Medical Skincare Hampstead


Your safety, confidence and results you love are at the heart of Aesthetics Lab. Relax, safe in the knowledge that cosmetic medical treatments such as our Silhouette Soft Thread Lift and Botox® are performed by our award winning cosmetic doctor.

Are you planning to lose weight for Lent? How radiofrequency body contouring could be for youFebruary 21, 2017

Although traditionally Lent is the time many people choose to symbolically and spiritually give up a food they crave for religious reasons, a side-effect of this can b...

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What areas of the face can facial fillers improve?February 17, 2017

Our faces change over time. Unhealthy lifestyles and habits can exacerbate the ageing process, but we are also affected by hormones and hereditary factors over which w...

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Skincare Products

Good skin health doesn’t start and finish with your Aesthetics Lab treatment. We offer a number of leading take-home medical-grade skincare products designed to enhance your treatment and maintain the long-term health of your skin.

Macom Crystal Smooth
Macom Crystal Smooth
"Plasma Facial - The Benjamin Button of Facials"
“Aesthetics Lab took note and came up with a winning combination with their Yoga Facial.”
“Brilliant customer service from a gorgeous new beauty heaven in the centre of Primrose Hill.”
“Aesthetics Lab - a complexion heaven”
"The result: firmer, tighter and fresher skin"
"Aesthetics Lab showed me before and after image and I could see an improvement."
"Skin looks and feels amazing - so much smoother and plumper."
"Beauty trend to try: The ‘Yoga Facial’ - a unique facial treatment that ‘incorporates a holistic approach to maintain skin health and target facial muscles’."

Patient Testimonials

    • *They listen to my concerns then choose exactly the treatments and products are right for me again and again. Their attention to detail and customer service is first class.

      - Katya
    • *Don't need Facetune or other airbrushing apps for my selfies now! Recommend for those who are after natural, younger, fresher looks.

      - Julia
    • *Highly recommend, my favourite place for treatments in London!

      - Arina
    • *I keep calling Aesthetics Lab "a spa" as it is so relaxing every time I walk in!

      - Kate