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Give your skin a well-deserved boost

Everyone’s skin has its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s on great form and looks healthy and glowing. But there are other times when skin needs a lot of care and attention – and that’s just when Aesthetics Lab is on hand with the right expertise and experience.

We put a great deal of thought, effort and affection into our superb range of facials exclusively developed by our Aesthetic team to address skin concerns like congestion, dull skin and ageing among others.

In addition to these facials that are only available at Aesthetics Lab, we also offer facial treatments by Biologique Recherche.

Biologique Recherche treatments bring years of innovation and bespoke specialised techniques together for a results-driven, luxury experience that is personalised to every skin type. The foundation of the BR methodology is formed upon the combination of pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, an aesthetic and clinical approach as well as rigorous and unique protocols.

From targeting hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles to boosting hydration and combating sun damage, our facials can take on all sorts of conditions while rejuvenating and restoring your skin.* All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Even if your skin is looking great, a nourishing boost is ideal for even more glow. Our preventative treatments and products for sensitive skin are yet another way to keep skin beautiful. Individual results may vary.

Conditions we treat:

  1. Ageing skin
  2. Acne and acne-prone/oily skin
  3. Hyperpigmentation
  4. Sun damage
  5. Rosacea
  6. Dull and uneven skin
  7. Dry and dull lip and eye areas

A range of facials for gorgeous skin*

Your highly-experienced Aesthetician will put together a bespoke facial treatment plan to help meet your needs.

  • ALab Plasma Facial – all skin concerns

    Dubbed the ‘Benjamin Button’ of facials by Harper’s Bazaar, this unique treatment has been specially designed by our experienced Aestheticians to address your skin concerns. Includes a light peel to exfoliate and prep the skin, skin needling to stimulate collagen production followed by a massage using techniques unique to Aesthetics Lab. The treatment is completed with the application of one of the most advanced skincare products available, Regenerating Plasma. This solution helps promote skin cell reconstruction while you relax under the healing LED lights. Look forward to a well-cleansed, radiant, lifted and toned complexion.

  • ALab Detox – dullness, oily and congested skin

    Treats oily, dull and congested skin using state-of-the-art cosmeceutical products customised for your skin’s needs. The treatment includes resurfacing exfoliation, extractions, unique crystal-free microdermabrasion technique to remove dead skin and brighten the complexion, followed by a lifting massage to improve firmness and muscle tone. The final step is the application of a cooling, soothing mask with LED light therapy to reduce inflammation leaving your skin fresh and radiant. This is the perfect boost to your daily skincare regime.

  • ALab Facial Yoga Treatment – all skin concerns

    A unique facial treatment that uses a holistic approach to maintain skin health and target facial muscles. Also includes Aesthetics Lab’s Lymphastim treatment to support lymphatic drainage and boost your blood circulation. Just like yoga for your body, you’ll reach a state of relaxation and mental clarity while tension is released around the face, neck and head.

    Ideal for lifting, firming and de-puffing the face and neck, the treatment includes a specialised facial massage using stretching, kneading, pressure points and lymph-draining elements. Combined with modern and active skincare ingredients, it helps stimulate collagen and elastin (our skin fibres) to release any toxins and bring oxygen to the muscles. This is a fantastic treatment for pre- and post-doctor-led procedures to speed up recovery. Suitable for most skin types and skin conditions.

  • ALab Biosensible – rosacea, acne

    Using Biologique Recherché products, this advanced SOS treatment helps soothe inflammation, reduce redness, hydrate and boost your skin’s immunity. Ideal for rosacea, acne, irritated or sensitised skin.

  • ALab Balance

    The active ingredients used in this de-stressing treatment work in harmony with your lymphatic and circulatory system. This repairing treatment calms, hydrates and sculpts.

  • ALab Lift – ideal for the eye and lip area

    Accelerates cell renewal while restructuring, firming, hydrating and protecting against external elements with Biologique Recherche’s unique ingredients. We use a unique massage technique to stimulate elastin and collagen and lift and define facial contours.

  • ALab Renew – for plumping and lifting

    This treatment is all about plumping, revitalising and protecting the elasticity of the skin. We use a unique vibratory massage technique alongside Biologique Recherche’s powerful products to redefine, sculpt and lift facial muscle fibres. We also give your hands some love and attention to leave them revived, firm and supple.

  • ALab Pregnancy Glow – for much-needed pampering

    Pregnancy is a time when the body goes through a lot of changes, which may lead to stress and fatigue that can show on your face as well as your body. Unfortunately, not all women will experience the much talked about glow throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Some face unwanted skin concerns due to hormonal changes that can lead to acne, hyperpigmentation and melasma. This is where Aesthetics Lab’s Pregnancy Glow Facial comes in – an innovative new treatment that will revitalise, hydrate, soothe and balance your skin during pregnancy ensuring a much-needed luxurious pampering experience.

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*Individual results may vary.