Vaginal Rejuvenation

Restore a more youthful look & feel
Vaginal Rejuvenation Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Pain-free, non-surgical treatment
  • Gently tone & tighten vaginal area
  • Improve sensation & sexual satisfaction
No. of sessions: 4
Treatment time: 30 Minutes
Recovery time: Immediate
Results duration: 12-18 Months

All aspects of our bodies alter as we grow older, and the vaginal area isn’t exempt. Childbirth and menopause are two of the most common causes of vaginal changes, which can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious in your own skin.


We’re here to help you achieve natural-looking results whatever your concerns.*

At Aesthetics Lab, we understand this may well be a sensitive subject and we work with to fully understand your needs.

The percentage of women considering vaginal rejuvenation is growing, however many are worried about the pain and downtime of surgical procedures such as Vaginoplasty or Labiaplasty.

The IntimaLift is pain free, non-surgical procedure that can truly invigorates the vaginal area. The award-winning radiofrequency technology, IntimaLift plumps and firms the vagina’s inner and outer labia.

The main difference with this treatment is that results can be seen from the first treatment. With a more youthful look restored, the procedure not only improves confidence but often increased sexual satisfaction.

Due to heating at lower temperatures compared to ablative lasers there is a minimal risk for infection and is therefore a safer alternative.

What we can do with Vaginal Tightening

  • Improved look of vaginal area
  • Reclaim firmness
  • Increased sensation

To view the before and after gallery for Vaginal Rejuvenation, please click the link below.

PLEASE NOTE: The images in the vaginal rejuvenation Before and After Gallery are graphic in nature as to best exemplify treatment results. Do not click if you are under the age of 18, or if you are easily offended by such images.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Before & After Images

Individual results may vary.



Step 1

Step 1Consultation

Your health and wellbeing are of paramount importance to Aesthetics Lab. During your vaginal rejuvenation consultation, we will talk through your medical history to rule out any contraindications. The consulation provides a great opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have. We will always answer honestly and openly.

  • Discuss vaginal rejuvenation in detail
  • Share your concerns and treatment goals
  • Design a personalised procedure plan
Step 2

Step 2During Your Treatment

It is important that you drink lots of water on the day before, the day of, and following your vaginal rejuvenation treatment. When you are sufficiently hydrated, delivery of the radiofrequency energy is enhanced. Not only does this make the treatment more comfortable, it also aids lymphatic drainage for superlative results. During the treatment, a sterile disposable grounding pad will be applied to your back. This is attached to the contouring machine to effectively transfer energy from the machine to the target tissue. A clear gel is applied and then the procedure will begin.

  • Calm, contemporary clinical environment
  • Discreet, qualified aestheticians
  • Quick treatment of just 30 minutes
Step 3

Step 3After the Treatment

Many clients see immediate results following vaginal rejuvenation. Once the treatment is complete, you can go about your day as normal. Always follow aftercare advice, as provided by Aesthetics Lab.


Will vaginal rejuvenation hurt?

As an ideal alternative to surgery, vaginal tightening from Aesthetics Lab is a non-invasive, pain free procedure. You may feel a slight warming sensation during the treatment, but you should not feel uncomfortable at any time. Your experienced aesthetician will assertively monitor your wellbeing throughout the duration of your appointment.

Is vaginal tightening right for me?

No matter the reason why you are unhappy with your vaginal area, if it is causing you worry or having an adverse effect on your self-esteem, you could be an ideal candidate for vaginal rejuvenation. Speak with one of our Treatment Co-ordinator to find out more.
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