Boost your body confidence in 2017

Body    Boost your body confidence in 2017

Did you know that one of the peak times for booking a holiday in the UK is immediately after Christmas? Whether it’s because we need something to look forward to, with the prospect of work looming once again, or we need to escape the British winter weather, many of us will be planning our next break this month.

Why are we talking about the holidays? For many of us, the elation of having booked a holiday is followed by a renewed determination to lose a few pounds, turn back the clock and make ourselves look as good as possible. Ideally, we’d all like to do that in time for the moment when we hit the beach in our swimwear or take the holiday snaps that will announce to the social media networks just how great our holiday has been. That’s where our experienced team of practitioners here at the Aesthetics Lab come in; to provide a much-needed shortcut to a new, slimmer, more desirable you.

We are experts in providing treatments that will boost your body confidence quickly, without resorting to arduous gym sessions, or juice diets. We can make you leaner, firmer and younger looking from the comfort of our Hampstead practice. Let’s have a look at how we do it.

Skin peels and Wrinkle reduction in Hampstead

Worried about wrinkles, particularly if you’re craving a holiday romance? We can help you look significantly rejuvenated. Wrinkle reduction injections will smooth over facial lines and give you a more even, younger-looking skin contour. Your HampsteadWrinkle reduction will last for 3-4 months, so it’s entirely possible to book a few weeks in advance.

Skin peels will also remove wrinkles. A safe acid solution is used to force the surface of your skin to peel away, taking with it wrinkles, lines, acne and any pigmentation problems. Dull, tired skin will be refreshed and you’ll look more radiant. Skin peels can be performed on many areas of the body and face, including around the eyes and lips.

The type of skin peel you choose will depend on the type of skin condition you’d like to improve. Our expert practitioners will be able to advise you. During a consultation, they’ll assess your individual concerns with a view to providing the most suitable treatment. There are even skin peels, such as the pomegranate skin peel, which can be performed on pregnant women.

Liposuction in Hampstead

We can also help you lose inches around, firm up sagging skin and give you a more flattering silhouette for when you want to walk with confidence along the shoreline at sunset. Imagine not having to worry about having wobbly thighs or upper arms. We can make that a reality, without you lifting one single weight!

Our body contouring options are numerous and range from radio frequency treatment, which stimulates new collagen via a handheld ultrasound device, to full body suits which inflate and deflate to flush excess fat cells away.

Why not book an appointment with us as soon as you’ve booked your holiday? We can help you achieve an improved figure in a matter of weeks, as well as give you a younger, more desirable appearance. Please get in touch.