Celebrate your Lent success with an Easter skin peel near Hampstead

Body    Celebrate your Lent success with an Easter skin peel near Hampstead

You’re on a roll. You managed to give up your favourite sugary snacks for Lent! Everything is going your way. That is apart from your skin and with so many Easter treats on offer, there’s a chance it’s only going to get worse. Having a Hampstead skin peel will freshen you up, remove your blemishes and give you renewed confidence in your appearance.

Here at the Aesthetics Lab near Hampstead, we have skin peels that should clear up diet-related pimples, reducing the appearance of your outbreak and combating scars that have been left during previous outbreaks. We also offer a variety of skin peels for other conditions:

Skin peels for pigmentation

If pigmentation is a problem, with your skin appearing to be a variety of different shades, we have a pigmentation skin peel that can help. It will help you achieve an all over colour by reducing the stray dark or light patches that you wish to remove.

Reducing sun damage

How many of us are guilty of spending too long in the sun, even though we know the damage this can cause to our skin? We probably do it because we’re so excited whenever we see the sun in the UK that we want to make the most of it! Our exposure to the sun can cause age spots, freckles, as well as speed up the signs of ageing. A skin peel may well be the remedy!

Anti-ageing skin peels

Ageing skin, whether it’s the result of sun damage or not, is frustrating for many of us. We don’t feel as old as we look in the mirror, so why should we have to give the impression to others that we’re ageing? An anti ageing skin peel can help us feel better about our appearance and give us confidence in our looks. It has also been reported that employees who look younger are more likely to get promoted. A pigmentation skin peel could be the answer to you improving your career prospects.

How do skin peels work?

The idea of the skin peel is a simple one. Your experienced practitioner will paint a chemical solution onto your skin that will exfoliate the outermost layer of your skin in a targeted area in order to remove the imperfections that are on that layer. The fresh, younger skin underneath will become the new surface layer and the skin that you will then present to the world. The treatment is safe and takes under an hour to complete. Your blemished skin will begin to peel away roughly 6 days after treatment.

What happens during treatment?

In the first instance, you’ll need a consultation with your Hampstead based practitioner for a skin analysis and to determine which skin peel is going to be suit you. Then, you’ll book your appointment for the treatment itself. You may be given some home care products to prepare your skin beforehand.

On the day of the treatment you’ll be greeted with a complimentary healthy shot before being shown into our luxury treatment rooms, which are modern and comfortable. Your skin will be cleansed and a peel solution painted on. It will remain on your skin for between 2 and 10 minutes before being washed off.

You may notice the treatment area feels tingly but it shouldn’t hurt. You’ll see the results of your treatment once the outer skin is gone and the fresh skin is revealed. The pink skin may take a few days to fade. Your blemishes, fine lines, or spots should be gone. At the very least, they should be reduced.

To book a consultation and find out about how great you could look following a skin peel treatment, please give us a call.