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Sometimes referred to as orange-peel appearance of the skin, cellulite is the dimpling commonly seen in the thighs, buttocks and stomach. Generally misunderstood as a condition that affects women exclusively, it can also develop in men.

Cellulite is fat found beneath the surface of the skin that’s bulging out through the strands of connective tissue. Less noticeable when we are young due to the fact that the connective tissue, which is made up mostly of collagen, holds the fat in but as we age and collagen production decreases, the fat begins to be more noticeable.

Symptoms of Cellulite

According to scientific studies, nearly 90 per cent of women develops the condition throughout the course of their life, some suffering as soon as their late teen years. While women are more susceptible to cellulite, men too can find themselves harbouring the dreaded fatty deposits in areas such as the stomach, upper arms, thighs and buttocks.

For women, the risk of developing cellulite increases with age with its highest around menopause. Hormonal changes, such as a decline in oestrogen levels, may contribute to changes in circulation and a reduction in the production of collagen. A combination of fat cells becoming larger or increasing in number, a thinner collagen layer and change in blood supply may lead to cellulite.

There are four stages of cellulite development

  • Grade 0: No cellulite present
  • Grade 1: Smooth skin while standing, bumps and dimples appear while sitting.
  • Grade 2: Orange peel appearance sitting or standing.
  • Grade 3: Orange peel appearance present while sitting or standing with deep raised and depressed areas.

Aesthetics Lab offers a number of effective and clinically-proven, pain-free solutions for cellulite reduction. Each designed to deliver desirable results, our various procedures diminish the appearance of cellulite, while some can also reduce the size of the treated area, helping you to reclaim a smooth, sculpted body.

Causes of Cellulite

  • Enlarged fat chambers in the hypodermis, which apply pressure outwards
  • The rigid collagen fibres, which pull inwards and are responsible for dimpling
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Poor blood flow
  • Metabolic waste accumulation in the interstitial spaces

Prevention of Cellulite

At Aesthetics Lab we can target and reduce the appearance of cellulite with combination treatments. There are also some known beneficial at home techniques to further enhance the results of your treatments:

  • Cut down on processed foods
  • Limit your dairy, sugar and high-fat intake
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Follow a skin care regime that stimulates circulation
  • Stay hydrated
  • Exercise regularly

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