Osmosis Facials

A clean & holistic approach
Osmosis Facials
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Proven results
  • Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles
No. of sessions: 6
Treatment time: 60 minutes
Recovery time: Immediate
Results duration: Maintenance needed

We offer 3 Facial treatment experiences using the Osmosis philosophy and products:

  • Osmosis Signature Holistic Facial
  • Osmosis Facial Infusion
  • Osmosis Facial Infusion with RevitaPen Pro

With all three experiences you can see instantaneous improvements in various areas of your skin without any downtime, redness or trauma to your skin. This innovative treatment is perfect for those who may be worried about the downtime associated with other treatments such as microneedling.

Osmosis Facials allow ingredients tailored specifically to your skin and skin concerns to be delivered directly into your skin so they can be absorbed and get to work, helping your skin’s natural regenerative processes. No two facials will ever be the same as your skin changes and the ingredients and tools we use will change also, taking you and your skin on a journey to glowing, healthy complexion.



The effectiveness of treatments like microneedling is well known in the aesthetics community. Still, for some people, the thought of having tiny punctures made in their skin is not something they want to experience. For this reason, a treatment like the Osmosis Facial is a fantastic alternative.

This no-needle alternative uses liposomal delivery system to improve product penetration into your skin without wounding your skin or triggering inflammation.

How does it work?

Ingredients we use in the Osmosis Facials are coated with a liposome called phosphatidylcholine that has been shown to increase product penetration by 600%. This means actives reach through the cell membrane and thus farther into the layers of the skin, working at the deepest level.

Osmosis Facial Infusion using RevitaPen Pro, takes the treatment to the next level. It uses single-use surgical-grade anti-bacterial stainless-steel tips with 100 nano-sized circular-shaped pyramids to create channels in your skin to deliver the active ingredients. For many people, they will feel a gentle vibration across their skin during a treatment session, but thanks to the five different speeds and adjustable depth, the treatment can be tailored to you, your skin type and sensitivity.

The specially developed Osmosis Facial Infusion is completely customisable. It uses a variety of powder blends and active ingredients that are bespoke to your skin’s needs. Along with various amino acids, the facial can include Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A and C, Willow Herb, Niacinamide and many others.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to the Osmosis Facial Infusion. Firstly, this is a treatment that is suitable for all skin types and colours and can be used to treat various skin concerns. This treatment is fantastic for treating lines and wrinkles, along with evening out your skin tone, treating acne and even improving the appearance of acne scarring.

Thanks to the RevitaPen, your skin also benefits from some gentle exfoliation which further helps to soften lines and wrinkles and improves your skins texture and your circulation.

It’s safe

One of the most significant benefits with the Osmosis Facial treatments is that they are safe for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and also for oncology patients. This is a major difference between this treatment and others available today, and allows for more people to experience the other benefits on offer with Osmosis Facials.

If you would like to find out more about having Osmosis Facial treatments in London, then get in touch with a member of our team to organise a complimentary consultation with our Treatment Coordinator to find out if this is the right option for you.



Step 1

Step 1Consultation

The first step towards your  treatment is a bespoke consultation with our Treatment Coordinator. During this informal chat which can be done virtually or in clinic, we will take a look at your medical history and go through any underlying conditions that may affect how your skin looks and feels. This is also a great time to ask us any questions you may have – we always answer honestly and openly.

  • Bespoke treatment plan
  • Ask questions
  • Establish any underlying issues
Step 2

Step 2In the Clinic

All three Osmosis Facial experiences are extremely relaxing and luxurious. They combine energy-transferring massage techniques with our uniquely transformative active ingredients. Designed to restore healthy skin function and balance the body’s energy levels, these luxurious rituals enhance overall well-being and leaves skin healthy, happy, and glowing.

  • Luxurious skin rituals
  • Enhance skin's well-being
  • Immediate skin transformation
Step 3

Step 3After the treatment

Once the treatment is finished you will be left with gloriously soft and bright complexion.

For 1-4 days after the treatment your skin will feel tighter and will look plumper and more radiant. You may experience some dryness from the exfoliation.

From day 5 onwards you will start to see the full effects of the treatment.

  • No downtime and immediate recovery
  • Soft bright complexion
  • Can go about your day as normal


Is this treatment safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes, the products used in this facial are safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is the treatment painful?

No, this is a very pampering treatment and you will only feel some vibration if you choose the ritual with RevitaPen Pro.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime with this treatment and you may go about your day as usual.
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