Rosacea Facial

Gentle, effective care for reactive skin
Rosacea Facial
Rosacea Facial
  • Regenerates & strengthens
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes healthy skin
No. of sessions: 1-6
Treatment time: 60 minutes
Recovery time: Immediate
Results duration: Maintenance
May be required

Our Rosacea Facial is designed to soothe and strengthen reactive, sensitive skin. We are able to adapt this facial to your individual skincare concerns, using either a light mask or peel and LED light to treat inflammation and repair your skin or a selection of rosacea-focused products from our cosmeceutical product ranges.



As a shield for your skin, the top layer – the epidermis – acts like a protective barrier that is there to stop irritants passing through and damaging the cells deeper within.

Over time, damage caused by factors such as sun damage, ageing, poor skin care, genetics, pollution and/or chronic skin conditions can gradually weaken this barrier. In turn, this leads to dry, inflamed, flaky, sensitive skin.

This facial has been designed to help address the causes of sensitive, reactive skin and to offer relief from conditions such as rosacea. It combines powerful anti-inflammatory and strengthening technologies and ingredients to promote the regeneration of a healthy epidermis for that it functions properly and were able to reduce the tell-tale redness of rosacea.

You should see some immediate improvements to your skin as well as ongoing positive changes over several weeks. Many people with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin find this is an excellent monthly facial treatment to protect their skin and minimise sensitivity.


  • Rosacea & reactive skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Inflammation
  • Dry, flaky skin


Step 1

Step 1Consultation

When you have sensitive and/or reactive skin, it’s especially important to use products and treatment methods that will address the underlying problems without causing a flare up. This is why an initial consultation with skin analysis is an integral part of our treatments at Aesthetics Lab.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your skincare concerns in-depth and go through your medical history with one of our experienced Aestheticians. This will help us to identify the most suitable products for your rosacea-prone skin.

We’ll explain each stage of your treatment in detail so you know what the facial entails. Feel free to ask questions – we’ll answer openly and honestly.

  • Talk through any skin concerns and your treatment goals
  • Identify the best products to include in your facial
  • Step-by-step information about the treatment
Step 2

Step 2During Your Treatment

Relax as we gently cleanse your skin and conduct a thorough skin analysis to determine the most suitable decongesting peel. We will then apply a Mandelic or Lactic Acid Peel, ideal for sensitive and/or reactive skin, depending on which is most suitable for you. After several minutes, the peel will be removed.

As well as exfoliating dead skin cells, the peel will penetrate the deeper layers of your skin to strengthen and reinforce the underlying structure, while healing and soothing the epidermis.

With your skin feeling fresher and healthier, we’ll give you a light detoxifying and draining facial massage. This is deeply relaxing and uses special techniques to maximise the effectiveness of the products used during this facial.

Finally, we use LED light therapy because it is proven to have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory healing effect on the skin, which should reduce any signs of redness.

  • Receive your Rosacea facial in a comfortable contemporary environment
  • Relax as we take you through each treatment stage
  • Targeted protocols give the best results for your skin
Step 3

Step 3After the Treatment

At the end of the treatment, we will apply soothing serums and sun protection to your skin. You’re then free to carry on with your day with healthy, glowing skin.

Some people experience some mild redness immediately post-treatment but each element of the Rosacea Facial has anti-inflammatory properties, so you should find the redness passes within an hour.

Your skin will look healthier immediately but you should notice ongoing improvements, especially a reduction in any redness and inflammation.

  • No downtime, immediate recovery
  • Results are visible straight away
  • Experience healthier, less reactive skin

Rosacea Facial CAN ALSO BE USED FOR:


How do I know if the Rosacea Facial is the right treatment for me?

If you suffer from rosacea or have otherwise sensitive or reactive skin, then the Rosacea Facial is likely to be an excellent treatment choice. Of course, we will want to see you in person and analyse your skin to confirm this.
The purpose of the initial consultation is to identify the best treatment for your skincare concerns. The Rosacea Facial is specifically used to target inflammation and structural damage to the skin but we will make you aware of other options if we think they would better suit your needs.

Can I wear make-up after my facial?

We recommend keeping your skin clear for 24 hours following your facial. Your skin should look wonderful with a lovely natural glow and more even tone. If you do need to use make-up, opt for a mineral product that won’t clog your pores.

How often should I have this facial?

Generally, we recommend having this facial every two to four weeks. Naturally, we will look at the condition of your skin and the concerns you want to treat before giving you an individual recommendation at your consultation.

Why do you use Biologique Recherche products for this facial?

Biologique Recherche is a renowned French skincare brand, famous for its raw, highly concentrated active ingredients and unique treatment protocols. Its Soin Biosensible range has been formulated to address rosacea – the products soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin, while significantly reducing any redness and inflammation.

Will you recommend any home care products afterwards?

For the best results, it’s a good idea to maintain a good skin care routine in between your facials at the clinic. Your Aesthetician will discuss your needs with you, and will be able to help you choose the best products for your skin type.
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