A few ways you can rejuvenate your skin

Face    A few ways you can rejuvenate your skin

Skin rejuvenation treatments and products are becoming steadily more popular in Hampstead. Are you frustrated that you still feel 18 on the inside, yet signs of your physical ageing (no matter how slight) are becoming increasingly more apparent? You’re not alone and let us reassure you that there’s plenty you can do to turn back the clock, without resorting to surgery.

Collagen is the key to youthful skin and production of it begins to decrease when we hit age 25. Aesthetics Lab can introduce you to a number of different methods to stimulate collagen. We can target your face, or the part of your body that most bothers you and refresh the appearance of your skin there. Here are a few of the skin rejuvenation products and treatments we offer at our Hampstead clinic.

Facial skin peels

With an impressive variety available, our facial skin peels can help a number of different skin conditions. As well as boosting volume, brightening dull skin and smoothing away fine line and wrinkles, we can also treat acne and problem areas. Your treatment will be carried out by an expert therapist. The results will be visible immediately.

Dermal Fillers

Wrinkle reductionand mesotox injections are perfect for filling in deeper lines on your face, getting rid of sunken areas of skin under the eyes and tightening your cheeks, neck and jowls. Restore a youthful definition to your face with this safe, effective treatment, which will be performed by one of our qualified and experienced therapists.

Body Peels

It’s not just our faces that give away our natural age. The backs of our hands, necks and décolletage can make us feel self conscious. Why not boost your body confidence with a body peel. Your skin will be cleansed by one of our practitioners before the peel treatment is painted on, washed off and the impressive results revealed to you.

Thread lift treatment

Using absorbable threads, one of our experts can redefine your face and eliminate facial sagging via a procedure which takes just 30 minutes to perform, but the effects of which last for up to 18 months. You’ll receive a discreet, natural looking lift that will takes years off you.

Rejuvenating skincare products

We can advise you on some of the top brands in rejuvenating skincare products with a view to providing you with the treatment that’s going to best suit your individual skin type. You might be looking for skincare products made with natural ingredients, that will improve your pigmentation problems, or hydrating anti-ageing treatments you can use at home. We stock Dermaquest, Biologique Recherche, Epoince, Medik8, Image, AQ Skin solutions and the collagen containing skin drink; Skinade Beverage. We’ll help you select the one will which will prove most effective on your skin.

If you’d like to find out the best way to rejuvenate your skin in Hampstead, please give us a call or pop into the Aesthetics Lab clinic for an informal chat about what you’d like to achieve. We can certainly give you some expert advice on improving the condition of your skin.