Cheek Fillers

Plump up the volume with cheek fillers
Cheek Fillers Cheek Fillers
  • Improve volume & definition
  • Help the face look refreshed & lifted
  • Non-surgical, no downtime
No. of sessions: 1
Treatment time: 45 Minutes
Recovery time: Immediate
Results duration: 12-18 Months*
*Individual results may vary

As we grow older, changes to the face can be one of the most consistently stark reminders of our ageing. As an obvious contrast to youthful, plump skin, sunken, hollow cheeks are often responsible for reduced confidence and low self-esteem. Cheek fillers have capably resolved this skin concern for many clients.




You can redefine and enhance structural features such as cheeks with dermal fillers. The simple procedure involves the direct administration of prescribed hyaluronic acid gel into the selected treatment area. This is done in the form of a local injection. Improving the volume, definition and fullness of the cheeks, Aesthetics Lab cheek enhancement injections revitalise the skin, leaving your complexion refreshed and your skin lifted. Cheek fillers will allow you to better define your cheek bones as well as giving you a cheek lift if needed.

How much do cheek fillers cost

The cost of this treatment depends on the quantity of dermal filler used. The quantity of filler needed is determine by the intensity of the effect you are trying to achieve. All this will be discussed further in full detail with your cosmetic doctor during your no-obligation consultation.

Why choose Aesthetics Lab

We pride ourselves in having a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors, who take the time to assess each individual case thoroughly. We suggest having a full assessment with one of our cosmetic doctors. During this time, we can specify the amount and cost of dermal filler we will have to use in order to achieve your perfect look.



Step 1

Step 1Consultation

Your health and well being are of paramount importance to Aesthetics Lab. During your cheek fillers consultation, we discuss your medical history to rule out any contraindications. Your assigned cosmetic doctor will then indicate the precise quantity of filler required for your cheek enhancement. This appointment is a great opportunity for you to ask us any questions. We will always answer with integrity.

  • Talk through the treatment, step-by-step
  • Share concerns with a qualified doctor
  • Design a tailored treatment plan
Step 2

Step 2During Your Treatment

Prior to the procedure, you will be shown into a calm, contemporary treatment room. Your personally-assigned cosmetic doctor will then carefully administer the prescribed dermal fillers via injection into pre-selected areas on and around the cheeks. This is followed by a cheek massage to ensure natural contouring.

  • Tranquil treatment rooms
  • Quick procedure, lasting up to 1 hour
  • Tailored filler quantity administered
Step 3

Step 3After the Treatment

Following your cheek enhancement procedure, the treated area may be tender and sore. Any swelling should reduce within a few days. This is completely normal, and nothing to worry about. Avoid touching your cheeks, wearing makeup or partaking in physical exercise in the days following your treatment. This will greatly reduce the risk of infection.

  • Minimal recovery time of 1-3 days
  • See results immediately
  • Enjoy renewed plump, full cheeks


How long will the results last for?

On average, cheek filler results will last for up to 12 months. This varies from person to person, lasting between 9 and 18 months.

How many treatments will I need?

Cheek enhancement is a stand-alone treatment. You should see results immediately following the procedure. That said, we do recommend further appointments in the future, in order to maintain your desired look.

How much are cheek dermal fillers?

The cost of your cheek enhancement treatment will depend on the required quantity of dermal filler used. This will be discussed further in full detail with your cosmetic doctor during your no-obligation consultation.

How soon after will I start to see results?

You will see a result straight away, however your cheeks may feel swollen for a day or two.
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