Is there a treatment for acne?

Acne    Is there a treatment for acne?

If you’re suffering from acne in St John’s Wood, we can help. Acne may seem trivial to those who have clear skin, but for people who suffer from it, no matter how occasionally, it’s a serious concern. The Experience Project is a place for people to air their personal experiences online, it has millions of users and many members have documented the problems that have faced in life due to their acne, as well as the struggle they’ve had to receive treatment that actually works.

Struggling with acne in St John’s Wood? You’re not alone.

According to posts on The Experience Project many acne sufferers lose confidence and fail to get the attention they want from the opposite sex. The way their skin looks is blocking their paths to dating success and creams being prescribed by dermatologists are making no difference. Many are even receiving counselling for help with the psychological problems acne is causing.

Female sufferers often report feeling upset about being constantly teased for looking either pale or orange, simply because of applying large quantities of make-up each morning to cover up the problem skin and provide enough confidence to leave the house and face the world.

Here at the Aesthetics Lab, we can treat all cases of acne in St John’s Wood. We also hear all about the problems acne can cause. For this reason, we try our best to put our customers at ease. We know the treatments we provide offer real hope to those who suffer from it.

The best acne treatment for you, will depend on the nature of your condition, but we’ll discuss all the options available to you during your initial, free, consultation with us, with a view to giving you significantly clearer skin.

Acne treatments in St John’s Wood

  • Facials – Our pore refining medi facial is particularly recommended for acne suffers. The facial ingredients used get right to the heart of oily skin and the bamboo scrub adds further benefits, leading to a visibly smoother skin.
  • Skin Peels – Skin peels involve removing the very top layer of your skin, by forcing it to peel off. A peel solution is applied, which makes the surface skin tissue stiffen and peel away to reveal, fresher, younger, unmarked skin underneath.
  • Skin Needling – This treatment requires your therapist to make small punctures in the skin which is affected by acne or acne scarring. These microscopic marks then stimulate the body’s natural repair systems, by increasing collagen levels and speeding up your cell renewal rate. New skin tissue is then created to replace, your acne-marked skin.
  • Laser treatment – We offer various laser treatments. IPL uses a targeted laser light to stimulate the production of fresh collagen to repair damaged skin, while soothing infra red light helps ease acne symptoms.

If acne is making your life a misery in St John’s Wood, please give the Aesthetics Lab a call. You don’t have to put up with this frustrating skin condition. There are plenty of effective and treatments available which will give you clearer skin and help improve the quality of your life. Our therapists are highly experienced and will be able to talk you through the next steps if you give us a call.