Lose the excess Christmas weight with body contouring

Body    Lose the excess Christmas weight with body contouring

Groaning under the weight of your Christmas meal with all the trimmings? You can’t solely blame the turkey, roast potatoes and pudding for the few pounds you’ve put on over the festive period. What about all the Christmas lunches and treats you allowed yourself beforehand, not to mention the alcohol? We’re all guilty of Christmas excess. It’s impossible to be good, when there’s a tin of quality street in the room! But that’s what Christmas is all about; relaxing, having fun and sharing food with family and friends.

Today we’ve got some great news for you. It’s never been easier to shave off any extra, stubborn pounds you may have accumulated and no, we’re not going to suggest you attend a daily spin class for the next couple of months. We offer a number of body contouring treatments that provide you with similar results to liposuction, here from our Marylebone practice. Additionally, our treatments are completely non-invasive; involving no surgery.

Instead of sweating off the Christmas calories in the gym, you can indulge in a few treatment sessions and lose inches where you most need to lose them. Let’s have a look at our comprehensive range of Marylebone-based liposuction treatments.

Radio frequency treatment

We can help you lose up to 2cm of fat using radio frequency therapy. To do that one of our professional practitioners will use the Elite Exilis device to deposit ultrasound energy into deep skin layers. It’s safe, not painful and will stimulate your body into increasing its collagen production levels. You’ll feel a warming sensation when the treatment is underway and notice that you have a more svelte and flattering figure once the treatment is complete.

Our Bodysculpt with Vanquish Me is a 45 minute radio frequency session. By the end of it, many of your fat cells will have been broken down and flushed out.

Acoustic wave therapy

This is another treatment that is administered by a handheld device in a painless way to stimulate the body’s repair system and increase collagen production. A process known as lipolysis occurs, during which lymphatic drainage takes place and fat cells are melted away. You’ll not only look better, but enjoy an improved metabolism and firmed up skin in areas where previously it had been loose. A great treatment for both losing inches and skin tightening.


Another way to encourage lymphatic drainage and eliminate the toxins that are causing you to retain stubborn fat cells, is by using one of our lymphatism bodysuits. The suit inflates and deflates to give you a more flattering figure.

Want to experience liposuction from our Marylebone clinic, but with none of the down time of surgery, or surgical risk? We can help. Why not give us a call to book your initial consultation today. Lose your post-Christmas pounds with ease.