A helping hand to hit your New Year weight loss goals?

Body    A helping hand to hit your New Year weight loss goals?

Gyms around the country experience a huge increase in memberships during the winter months, in response to the New Year resolutions we set ourselves. However, how many of us actually continue to use the gym regularly after the good intentions of the initial weeks fall away? How many of us actually reach the weight loss goals we set ourselves? Not that many of us!

We can help you avoid becoming a weight-retaining statistic. We can help you avoid remaining larger than you’d like to be in 6 months time when the summer’s looming. Our body contouring clinic here in St John’s Wood will help you lose inches from the places you find most aesthetically unappealing and give you a more flattering figure in just a few weeks.

Forget heavy lifting. Our relaxing treatments all take place in our comfortable, modern practice. They are undertaken by experienced professionals and we won’t make you exercise for hours on end. What’s more, we often have more success shifting stubborn fat cells (the ones that have proved resistant to diet and exercise) by eliminating the toxins that are holding them in place, than a change in lifestyle can induce.

Are you ready to find out more? Here’s an overview of the various conditions our body contouring and non-invasive liposuction treatments can improve, using safe and effective techniques.

Inner thighs and upper arms

Are you worried about wearing sleeveless tops or shorts due to an excess of fat around your thighs or upper arms. radio frequency, acoustic wave or lymphatism treatments will melt fat cells in these areas and tighten the skin to give you more attractive arms and legs. Improved lymphatic drainage, metabolism and circulation is what these procedures stimulate and they result in a fitter, more attractive you.

Love handles and back fat

Perhaps you’re self conscious about a few excess pounds around your back and the top of your buttocks. Again the pioneering body contouring treatments we provide from our St John’s Wood practice will improve your figure and give you the confidence to wear the summer clothes you want to wear, rather than the summer clothes you feel you ought to wear.

Belly fat

Excess belly fat is very common, particularly in women who have had children. We can tighten the skin here, effectively performing a non-invasive tummy tuck.


It’s not just body fat that can make us feel self-conscious. As we age and begin to display the more significant effects of gravity of our skin, excess skin can gather under the chin, prematurely ageing us. Body contouring treatment can firm up your jawline and in doing so give you a more youthful jawline.

To find out more about each of the body contouring packages we offer here in St John’s Wood, as well as what sort of treatment might suit you best, please get in touch with our team to book a consultation. Having an informal, no-obligation chat with an experienced practitioner will help you get the information you need to make an informed decision about the course of treatment you’d most benefit from. Please give us a call today.