Perfect Summer Body with Aesthetics Lab

Body    Perfect Summer Body with Aesthetics Lab

Summer bodies are made in spring. Christmas and Easter indulgences are behind us and the first sunny days are upon us. Now is the time to think of the perfect summer body ready for shorts, skirts and mini dresses on that beach holiday.

Aesthetics Lab has devised a special ALab Summer Body Package to get you ready to show off your body in that bikini.

Step 1, 8 weeks before the holiday

Body Sculpt with Vanquish ME

Designed to kill 60% of fat cells this is the ultimate de-bulker. In just four forty-five minute sessions it will treat the abdomen and flank area of your body and zap the fat generated by Christmas pies and Easter Chocolate Eggs.

Step 2, 7 weeks before the holiday


This is the ultimate cellulite buster treatment. Acoustic waves hit the cellulite cells and break them down. You will see results as quickly as after two sessions, and only 8 sessions are needed for a dramatic decrease in the look of the orange peel. Treat, buttocks, back of legs, tummy or any other area affected by cellulite.

Step 3, 6 weeks before the holiday

RF Skin Tightening

There are many causes for lack of skin elastically, from weight loss to pregnancy, to ageing. Our award-winning radio frequency technology uses ultrasound and radio frequency waves to stimulate the production of collagen to tighten the skin. Result – a toned, tight body. A must have before the holiday season.

Step 4, 4 weeks before the holiday.


Stretch marks, cellulite or fat deposits – our mesotherapy cocktails will address all issues and speed up and improve results of the treatments listed above for an amazing summer body.

To maintain the achieved results on holiday and thereafter, we will prescribe fat bursting home care treatments in the form of creams as well as nutritional products.

To find out more about these amazing treatments, book a consultation with our Treatment Coordinator or call us.