What areas of the face can facial fillers improve?

Face    What areas of the face can facial fillers improve?

Our faces change over time. Unhealthy lifestyles and habits can exacerbate the ageing process, but we are also affected by hormones and hereditary factors over which we have no control. Up until approximately our mid-twenties, our bodies produce a full measurement of collagen and this gives us a naturally youthful glow and thick, healthy-looking skin volume. However, when our collagen production begins to decrease, this paths the way for changes in our skin tone and texture. Facial fillers from our practice near Maida Vale have the potential to restore our faces to how they looked a few years previously.

The areas of our faces, which are most susceptible to weaker levels of collagen, begin to show up first. Commonly, dark shadows and hollows under the eyes begin to appear. These are known as the tear troughs. It doesn’t matter how much sleep we get, these hollows remain in place and contribute to us looking more tired, more often and a little older.

More pronounced creases and folds, along with lines and wrinkles appear, our lips often start to thin and for many of us, a lack of skin volume in the cheek area also becomes apparent.

Maida Vale facial fillers

In order to reduce the appearance of these new folds, creases and hollows, we need to effectively fill them in. Using facial fillers to do this should give your skin a more even contour again and consequently you should look younger than your years.

Dermal fillers are an injectable treatment, which contain gel-like substances. A key ingredient of the treatment is hyaluronic acid. Once injected under the skin in targeted areas, the hyaluronic acid will soak up water like a sponge, adding volume to thinning skin.

You’ll only be in our warm, clean treatment room for about 30 minutes and you’ll be made as comfortable as possible, thanks to a local anaesthetic cream which will be applied beforehand. The results will be obvious immediately, although you should be aware that some swelling, bruising or redness may occur. This will remain only very temporarily. The effects of the facial filler treatment itself will last for up to 6 months.

Here are the areas most commonly treated with facial fillers, by our Maida Vale-based professionals:

  • Nasolabial lines: We can reduce the depth of the lines that run from your nose to the corners of your mouth.
  • Marionette lines: These are the lines that occur from the corners of your mouth to your chin.
  • Smoker’s lines: These lines, which are so-called because they are exacerbated by smoking and commonly appear on the top lip.
  • Lips: It’s possible to subtly alter the shape, size and volume of your lips to either combat the signs of thinning, ageing lips, or give you a new designer lip shape.
  • Cheeks: Facial fillers injected into the cheeks can add skin volume to thinning skin.
  • Nose: A drooping nose tip can be corrected via facial fillers
  • Chin: The shape of your chin can be altered to suit your preferences.
  • Forehead lines: If you have deep lines between your eyebrows, fillers can help reduce them.

For a full analysis of how facial fillers can alter your appearance and effectively turn back the clock, please book a consultation with one of our qualified practitioners here at our practice near Maida Vale. Everybody ages differently and we’ll need to see each individual in order to provide advice on the best steps to take regarding facial filler treatment.