Biologique Recherche Launch At Aesthetics Lab

Face    Biologique Recherche Launch At Aesthetics Lab

We are very much excited to announce the launch of the famous french skincare brand Biologique Recherche at Aesthetics Lab, Primrose Hill.

Founded over 35 years ago in Paris by a family if doctors Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

Following our promise to always bring the best and most effective products on the market, Aesthetics Lab is proud to be one of the very few clinics in London that stock and perform treatments using BR methodology.

The art behind BR products

Authenticity and performance is at the heart of the Biologique Recherche skin care vision:

  • A high concentration (over 20% in most products) of botanical, marine and biological extracts making BR products powerful and results-driven.
  • No artificial fragrances in any of products which make the products a great choice for sensitive skin prone to allergies.
  • BR uses cold formulation manufacturing to preserve the original structure of the active ingredients
  • Products and treatments are crafted to work together. BR’sunique treatment protocols use unique, original techniques for immediate, noticeable results

Building better skin – the Skin Instant ®

Dr Allouche’s philosophy is that the epidermis is the skin’s outer layer and the ultimate barrier which protects the integrity of our inner world. Its functions must be respected and treatments should be customized to the epidermis.

Our skin can be compared to a house. If the roof is built badly and cannot guarantee protection against external aggressions, everything inside is subjected to stress and becomes vulnerable.
This approach to observe how the epidermis is constantly interfacing with the skin’s deeper structures is known as ‘interface cosmetology’. It enables an understanding of how active ingredients can affect the epidermis without needing to go through it.

The skin’s condition changes several times in a day as well as during the course of our lifetime. Everyone has different ‘Skin Instants’ which can evolve during the course of the day. The artificial categorisation of skins as normal, dry or oily provides a needlessly simplified definition of a skin’s condition and only gives a stationary image of any epidermal imbalances. The same epidermis can present balanced, dehydrated zones and hyper-secretion of sebum all at the same time. Inappropriate treatment can easily lead to new imbalances or reactive old ones. For example, an over aggressive product for ‘oily’ skins can cause epidermal dehydration problems; while an over-rich product used on formally congested now apparently balanced skin, can trigger a recurrence of the earlier condition.

Lastly, external factors like climate, temperature, air-conditioning, tobacco, pollution, and internal factors like stress, hormones, general health, digestion and age also affect the skin.

Biologique Recherche’s Methodology addresses all these factors and how they evolve when it treats the epidermis. Our Aestheticians are qualified  Biologique Recherche professionals who are trained to analyse all these variables and advise on the treatment that is best suited to an individual’s Skin Instant ®.

The Methodology

The unique and original Biologique Recherche treatment methodology is based on 3 fundamental stages:

1) The Assessment Stage:

This stage ascertains The Skin Instant ® and tailors product and treatment to the skin’s specific needs at that time. The approach combines hands-on skin assessment along with lifestyle and behavioural investigations. This critical stage ensures the treatment addresses the unique skin requirements at that time.

2) The Initialisation Stage:

This stage prepares the skin for treatment by thoroughly cleansing and balancing.

3) The Treatment Stage:

The treatment stage addresses the specific requirements of Skin Instant ®. High concentrations of active ingredients are applied to re-condition the epidermis activating its regeneration properties. This stage in this customised process delivers both immediate and long-lasting benefits.

To book your complimentary consultation with Aesthetics Lab’s BR expert call us or book online.