Harpers Bazaar reviews Aesthetics Lab’s Plasma Facial

Face    Harpers Bazaar reviews Aesthetics Lab’s Plasma Facial

Harpers Bazaar puts Aesthetics Lab at the top of their Best Facialists in the Capital list!

“Best for a youthful glow: Aesthetics Lab
Nestled on buzzy Primrose Hill high street, Aesthetic Lab is a calm, chic space that offers next-generation facials, using an impressive array of techniques including chemical peels, microdermabrasion and needling. Combining all three, their Plasma Facial is perfect for skin that is starting to display the signs of ageing – fine lines and wrinkles – but doesn’t warrantWrinkle reductionjust yet. Importantly, each treatment is tailored to your skin type by their friendly expert therapists, taking into account personal preferences and individual skin-type. Time whizzes by during the session and you’re treated to a wonderfully soothing head massage as the plasma and other lotions and potions penetrate the deepest levels of your skin. Amazing immediate results see your face ‘lifted’ and jawline more defined, while the lasting benefits of clearer, plumper skin and a more even tone, keep developing over time. The Benjamin Button of facials.

To book your complimentary consultation to speak to us about our Plasma facial and how it is suitable for you or to chat about any other treatment please call us or send us an email.