7 things you should know about laser hair removal

Hair Removal    7 things you should know about laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a popular and reliable way to permanently reduce hair growth in all areas of the body for most men and women. It is far longer-lasting than traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, sugaring, threading, epilating or depilatory creams, and will not leave unsightly or uncomfortable in-growing hairs. If you’re considering laser hair removal in St. John’s Wood at Aesthetics Lab – or anywhere else for that matter – here are seven things we think you should know:

  1. What type of hair removal laser the clinic uses

There are a number of different laser hair removal machines, all of which have slightly different advantages. The main types of lasers are the Alexandrite and Nd: YAG lasers, which use different wavelengths and are suitable for different skin and hair types.

Laser hair removal is different from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal.

Here at Aesthetics Lab, our hair removal system of choice is Soprano ICE, which uses an innovative cooling tip to give you genuinely pain-free hair removal.


  1. Not all laser hair removal treatments are suitable for darker skin tones

It’s always a good idea to check that your practitioner is experienced in laser hair removal for people with darker skin types. Not all laser hair removal treatments work well on dark skin tones, or on tanned skin, because some lasers need a lot of contrast between the skin and hair colour.

The good news is that, at Aesthetics Lab, we are experienced as laser hair removal for all skin types and colours. The Soprano ICE system works well on all skin colours, although it may not work as well if you have white or blonde hair.


  1. Whether your practitioner is experienced

As a doctor-led medispa that bridges the gap between a medical clinic and a spa or salon, all of our doctors and aesthetic therapists have extensive training and experience with the treatments on offer. We carry out many Soprano ICE hair removal treatments each week.


  1. Whether you’ll be given a patch test

Before you have laser hair removal, you should always be offered a patch test. This is a good way of checking that your skin and hair will respond well to the treatment. If a clinic doesn’t offer you a patch test, make sure you ask for one, and reconsider anywhere that doesn’t think a patch test is necessary.


  1. Your hair grows in stages and cycles

You may need several hair removal treatments to ensure as much reduction in hair growth as possible. This is because your hair grows in a cycle of three stages. During the anagen stage, your hair follicle is active and your hair grows at a rate of about half an inch a month (it’s usually faster in the summer than in the winter). The anagen phase lasts for three to five years on average.

At the end of the anagen phase, your hair enters what is known as the catagen phase. This is a short transitional phase that lasts for approximately ten days.

Finally, your hair going into a resting ‘telogen’ phase, during which your hair is released from the follicle and falls out. The hair follicle then remains inactive for about three months before going back into the active anagen phase.

All of your hairs are at a different stage in the growth cycle at any one time. However, laser hair removal only works on hair follicles that are in the anagen growth phase. By carrying out a few laser hair removal sessions, we can target as many active hair follicles as possible. Inevitably some hairs will get through, which is why you may need occasional top-up treatments.

With Soprano ICE hair removal in St. John’s Wood at Aesthetics Lab, you should see approximately an 80% permanent reduction in hair growth in the treated area(s).


  1. You can shave before laser hair removal

We would advise against plucking or waxing your hairs before and in between hair removal treatments, but shaving is fine.


  1. Soprano ICE hair removal is pain-free

Soprano ICE really is changing the experience of having a hair removal treatment. The innovative cooling tip counteracts the heat of the laser to keep your skin cool and comfortable throughout the treatment. Most patients tell us that they felt very little, especially in terms of pain or discomfort.


To book a complimentary consultation to find out more about Soprano ICE laser hair removal in St. John’s Wood, simply fill out our contact form or call us.