Will laser hair removal work with my skin type?

Hair Removal    Will laser hair removal work with my skin type?

Laser hair removal in St John’s Wood is becoming increasingly common, thanks to the fact that our highly qualified clinicians are able to provide this treatment to just about every skin type. Perhaps you’ve noticed recently that more people in your local area have been stripping off at the swimming pool to reveal flawlessly hair free and silky smooth skin?

It would appear that the days when those with sensitive skin had to put up with red, angry-looking stubble rash for several hours are long gone. Gone also are the days when waxing left you looking and feeling a little raw. Even the days of being turned away from the laser hair removal clinic, because you have skin tanned by the sun, are gone.

Laser treatment is for everyone

Thanks to our expert team here at Aesthetics Lab and their essential bit of kit; the award-winning Soprano ICE machine, laser hair removal is now a possibility for all residents of St John’s Wood. Whether you have fair Scandinavian skin, tanned Southern European skin, Asian skin, African skin or any other tone as rated on the Fitzpatrick skin rating system, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this pioneering hair removal technique.

We’ll simply set the handheld device to the correct setting and you too can experience the incredible results the Soprano machine can deliver. The treatment times depend on the sort of coverage you need, for example having hair removed from your back or legs will take longer than the time needed for your underarms or bikini line. Average treatment times vary from 15 minutes to over an hour.

What happens during the treatment?

You will have a consultation with us initially, during which time we will perform a patch test. This is just to ensure that you’re not going to have a reaction. When it comes to the treatment itself, you will feel a slight heating sensation, not unlike that of a stone massage. It may be slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. The device’s cooling tip will keep your skin’s temperature from rising too high. Your hair follicles on the other hand will be heated until they are rendered inactive. Once the treatment is finished, we will cleanse the treated area and apply cooling gel.

After several sessions, not only will you be enjoying the immediate benefits of the treatment, which is smooth hair free skin, but you’ll also be noticing a thinner regrowth and that you will be able to leave it for more weeks between sessions, before you need repeat treatment. Hair regrowth can be reduced by up to 80% after several sessions.

To find out more about getting laser hair removal treatment in St John’s Wood, please give our dedicated team a call. We’ll be able to book you in for a consultation and start you on your journey to reduced bodily and facial hair as soon as we can arrange a mutually convenient time.