Eyes are the window to your soul but show signs of ageing

Injectables    Eyes are the window to your soul but show signs of ageing

As signs of ageing begin to appear on your face, do you start to feel a little older as well? Probably not! For many people it’s frustrating to look in the mirror and see a face that looks older than they feel. If you feel self-conscious about your appearance changing, you might naturally feel that people are treating you differently, possibly even prejudicially, due to your age. There are many surveys that point out that some company bosses still discriminate on age. It may not be fair, but it happens.

Our clinic near Hampstead can help you remove your signs of ageing. We can reduce your eye wrinkles significantly using non-invasive treatments, such as Wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers.Wrinkle reduction will relax the muscles around the eye to temporarily halt contractions and prevent the wrinkles from forming, while dermal fillers will fill in deep creases by adding skin volume where collagen levels are weak.

What happens during our Hampstead-based Wrinkle reduction and dermal filler treatments?

Before you come in for a treatment, you will have a consultation with one of our qualified practitioners. This consultation will be informal, but professional, and assess whether you’d be a more suitable candidate for Wrinkle reduction or fillers, depending on the nature of your skin. Once you’ve decided to go ahead with your treatment, you will be invited to make an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

As both treatments are non-invasive, no downtime is necessary. It’s not like a surgical facelift, which requires you to book a week off work to wait for the wounds to heal. There may be some swelling, redness and bruising immediately following treatment, but this settles down quickly. As long as you can cope with these side effects, you will be able to return to work straight away.

These treatments are administered into a targeted area of the face via injection. It shouldn’t hurt, but if you’d prefer to have local anaesthetic applied beforehand, we can do that. The effects of dermal fillers can be seen immediately. The skin around your eyes, where you previously had eye wrinkles should be plumper and more youthful-looking.

The effects of Wrinkle reduction will begin to show 3-4 days following treatment and will be obvious in 10-12 days. By then you should look rejuvenated in the eye area. You’d be surprised the difference reducing just a few eye wrinkles can make.

If you’d like to find out how you could look without your crows feet, why not give our practice near Hampstead a call. We’d be happy to book you in for a consultation to discuss the difference we can make to your appearance, as well as how we can achieve that. Please take a look at our before and after gallery for inspiration, then give us a call.