What can skin peels help with?

Skin    What can skin peels help with?

A comprehensive range of skin peels is available. We have expanded our range to cater for the demands of our customers and are now able to provide an effective solution to a huge number of different skin complaints.

We have produced this guide to the various areas of the body that can be treated using our professional skin peel solutions, but first, let us explain exactly what a skin peel involves and how it can help you.

A skin peel treatment involves one of our expert practitioners causing the surface layer of your skin to peel off, a process which is painless, but effective in encouraging, healthier-looking, more attractive skin to grow in its place. To make your skin peel away, a peel solution is painted onto your skin, left to do its work for a few minutes, before being washed away. That’s it. You may experience a slight tingling sensation, but it isn’t painful.

After the peeling process is completed, approximately a week later you’ll have new, fresh skin tissue in the targeted area, ridding of you any blemishes, scars or fine lines that were there previously. Lets have a look at which part of the body can be treated:

Rejuvenating skin peels in St Johns Wood

As we age, our collagen levels decrease. This naturally leads to lines and wrinkles on the face and body. Our skin also loses some of its elasticity and its inability to snap back into shape. The skin peels we provide from our St Johns Wood clinic will tighten and firm skin. Lines and wrinkles will be greatly reduced. This is due to the skin’s peel ability to trick the body into thinking that the targeted area of your skin requires some repair.

The surface layer is stripped away, cell turnover is increased and additional collagen is stimulated in response to the repair needed. The result is healthier, younger-looking skin. Commonly targeted areas for rejuvenating skin peels are the face, the backs of the hands and the décolletage.

Skin smoothing skin peels in St Johns Wood

Have you got bumps on the skin of your chest, back, arms or legs. Cellulite is common on legs and skin peels can help. Treat yourself to a skin peel which will give you a more attractive-looking body and a confidence boost whenever you change into your swimwear!

Reducing problem skin

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes, flashing red skin, pimples and broken capillaries. Skin peels can reduce some of the damage caused. Acne scarring and unsightly blemishes can also be removed, as can areas of hyperpigmentation. If you have sun damage, pimples or other complaints about your skin, please speak to our expert practitioner. We’ll be able to find a solution that addresses your individual concerns.

Want to have smoother, clearer skin time for Christmas and New Year? Please give our friendly reception team a call to book your consultation today. We’ll do our best to fit you in before party season begins.