How can a skin peel help me?


Skin peels in Hampstead are very hot right now! If you haven’t yet had one, you probably know somebody who has, who simply won’t stop raving about how effective they are. Whether you’re secretly hoping Santa’s going to slip a skin peel voucher for a Hampstead treatment into your stocking, or you’d like to find out more about what the procedure involves before you commit yourself, it’s impossible to deny that a skin peel will enhance the condition of your skin and help you look younger and more attractive.

What are skin peels?

A skin peel is a cosmetic treatment that safely, but effectively removes the surface layer of your skin. It’s an efficient way to get rid of damaged, pigmented and wrinkled skin to make yourself look rested, rejuvenated and more beautiful. The treatment isn’t painful. You may feel tingling when the peel solution is applied to your skin, but it certainly won’t hurt.

A few days after the skin peel solution has been applied to a targeted area on your face or body and washed off here at our Hampstead clinic, the peeling will begin. When the peeling is complete and the pinkness of your emerging new skin tissue has faded, you’ll find that former skin blemishes are greatly reduced.

Here are skin conditions that can be improved by a skin peel:

Facial skin peels in Hampstead can:

  • Remove the scarring left by acne, as well as other unsightly skin blemishes
  • Brighten dull, tired-looking skin
  • Improve the symptoms of rosacea
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation to give you a more even skintoneRejuvenate skin by encouraging increased collagen production, as well as removing old and tired-looking skin cells. Collagen is a key ingredient of youthful skin and as our levels naturally begin to drop when we are in our mid-twenties, stimulating higher collagen levels will make your skin look plumper, younger and more radiant.

Body peels in Hampstead

It’s not just our faces which give our true age away, but also body parts which are commonly on display, particularly during the summer months. Do you have raised pimples or bumps on your arms or legs, that you’d like to remove in order to wear short sleeves with confidence? A body peel will give your skin a smoother appearance.

Areas which we commonly target through body peels include the chest, the décolletage and the neck and back, as well as hands, arms and legs. Wherever your skin is wrinkled, unusually coloured or blemished, will benefit from a body peel.

We would like to invite you to a consultation with one of our seasoned cosmetic practitioners at our Hampstead clinic. Presenting your skin concerns in person will allow us to be more accurate in the ingredients of the skin peel solution we recommend. Would you like to find out just how clear and youthful-looking your skin could be before you hit the town on New Year’s Eve? Then please give our professional team a call to inquire about our Hampstead-based skin peels.