What methods and treatments can be used to help tighten my skin?

Skin    What methods and treatments can be used to help tighten my skin?

Have you been looking around at the familiar faces of people you know locally and wondering where they’re getting such great skin rejuvenation treatment in Primrose Hill, Camden? Not to mention how they’re finding the time to fit it in? They’re all working the same amount of hours as you, and they’ve had to do the school run at least four times this week, yet they don’t look half as tired and bedraggled as you feel. You’re sure they’ve had something done, but what was it?

If you can spare half an hour of your week to pop into Aesthetics Lab for a free discussion about what sort of treatments we can offer that will tighten your skin; we’ll let you in on the big secret. Your friends and neighbours aren’t laboriously massaging their skin and they haven’t discovered a face cream with rainforest herbs that appears to be working miracles.

Instead, they’re taking an hour or so out of their hectic schedules every few weeks or months to have one of our rejuvenating facials, aWrinkle reductionor filler injection, or a skin peel. Not sure which one of these is going to make you look less anxious, and well, put frankly, less old? Here are a few more details:

Skin peels

If it’s the skin on your body that you’d like to tighten, a skin peel will stimulate collagen production and firm up all your saggy bits. During the treatment the peel solution is painted onto the area you’d like tightened and firmed and left for half an hour. Afterwards, the solution is washed off and the skin cleansed. Any damaged skin cells in your top layer will be removed and the healthy skin below revealed.

Skin peels can also be applied to the face. Choose from a lite refresh peel, a specific anti ageing peel or a pumpkin peel which uses acids and pumpkin pulp to get rid of fine lines.  Power peptide peels reduces wrinkles, even skin tone and improve the volume of your skin, but one of the best peels for tightening and firming has got to be the pomegranate peel; which helps combat saggy skin.

Wrinkle reductionand dermal fillers

Wrinkle reductionand dermal filler injections will plump your skin, give you more facial definition and tighten any saggy parts. They’re used in brow lifts and to reduce jowls. Lifting, tightening and getting rid of wrinkles to give you a refreshed, younger appearance is the most common usage of this treatment.


Whether you’re having a facial to enjoy a relaxing, massaging experience, or you’d like to visibly improve your appearance, we offer a range of facials that help with different conditions. The best options for turning back the clock and tightening loose skin is the AL plasma facial, which is also known as the Benjamin Button, for obvious reasons. It combines skin needling and massage to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Both are key ingredients of youthful skin. The Biologique Recherche facial also helps with age management and the attractively named Age defying facial is great for firming the skin and providing more definition.

Come and talk to us about the areas of your skin you’d like tightened up and we’ll be able to suggest some bespoke options ideally suited to you. Our team are experts in skin rejuvenation in Primrose Hill, Camden and highly experienced in all our treatment techniques. They will be able to provide helpful, professional advice during your free initial consultation.