Teaching Pilates with Aesthetics Lab and Sarah

Body    Teaching Pilates with Aesthetics Lab and Sarah

We continue our blog series on Pilates and its benefits with help of Sarah Pilates. We at Aesthetics Lab believe that exercise is a crucial part of well being. Sarah has been teaching Pilates since 2002 and we have now collaborated with her to bring you monthly Pilates exercises and health tips. Watch this exercise video that our Co-founder, Tania Z Rashid is demonstrating under Sarah’s guidance and try it out at home – it is more difficult than it looks!

Sarah: “Today in this exercise with Tania, I wanted to test her balance and core stability in a Pilates exercise on her side.  As with all Pilates exercises, the rules of the core working from underneath and adding something to it go without saying.  What does this mean?  Once you line yourself up in any position, whether you are on your back, on your side, on your tummy, your stable pelvis, shoulder blade along with holding the tummy gently in and the pelvic floor gently pulled up can be harder to put into place than the actual exercise that follows your set up!  That was a mouthful wasn’t it. Hope you followed it.  So it is vital that someone can check your positioning if you are to advance with these exercises, which is my intension for all my students.  To get them to the next level.  So these exercises that I am working on with Tania are all MODIFIED Pilates exercises, but very difficult and all these exercises are the basics that I start all my Pilates retreats with.  To test the water before advancing my students.  If a pilates exercise feels easy, you are probably doing it wrong.

So enjoy this side line exercise and if you have any questions or you would like me to check your own practice of Pilates then please do get in touch.  Perhaps I can help you push yourself to the next level.”

Why not come in for a consultation at Aesthetics Lab to see how you can combine your exercise routine with cutting edge body sculpting treatments that were offer to maximise results and achieve the perfect body you have always been dreaming of.

For more information about Pilates go to Sarah’s website, www.sarahpilates.com.

For Aesthetics Lab customers Sarah has devised a special Pilates class package. To enquire call us.