How radiofrequency body contouring could be for you

Body    How radiofrequency body contouring could be for you

Although traditionally Lent is the time many people choose to symbolically and spiritually give up a food they crave for religious reasons, a side-effect of this can be weight loss. Are you secretly hoping that the chocolate and sweets you’re planning to give up in the run up to Easter might lead to losing a few lbs?

Then maybe consider embarking on a course of the body contouring treatment we offer from our practice near Maida Vale at the same time. It can give you a helping hand in transforming your figure and potentially give you more scope for emerging at Easter time with a more flattering body shape.

Here at our clinic near Maida Vale, we often experience a surge of interest in our liposuction and body contouring treatments at this time of year. This may be because it typically take 4-6 weeks for people to lose motivation in achieving their New Year health and fitness goals. Folks start falling off the diet wagon and gyms are left wondering where their conscientious new January members have gone.

This isn’t surprising. If you’d suddenly discovered a potential short cut to weight loss, that doesn’t involve you exhausting yourself on a treadmill for hours, or going to bed with your tummy rumbling hungrily, wouldn’t you be a tiny bit curious?

Non-invasive liposuction and body contouring near Maida Vale

Radiofrequency treatment is administered using a handheld device close to the skin and involves a 2-pronged attack on your fat cells and excess or sagging skin. The device used is a leading brand tool from America known as the Elixis Elite. It delivers radio frequency waves into your body to melt fat cells and deposits ultrasound energy into deep skin layers to mimic a wound, thereby stimulating the body’s own natural first aid response unit. To counteract the ultrasound energy that the body has detected, collagen levels are increased. This increase in collagen will lead to you having tighter, firmer skin.

The treatment won’t hurt, but you will be aware of a warming sensation. There’s a good chance you’ll start to notice a difference after just a couple of sessions. Your body will look more slender and toned. Your skin will be firmer. Unsightly bulges will be reduced as this treatment will target any areas that you specify, according to the parts of your body about which you feel self-conscious.

In order for us to correctly assess the level of treatment, you’ll need to receive in order to obtain your goals, we’d like to invite you to a no-obligation consultation with one of our highly experienced practitioners. As everyone’s figure is different, we will work with you to provide the body shape you want, as well as explain, what’s possible. Are you ready to explore how you could look slimmer in just a few weeks with a body contouring treatment and minimum effort on your part? Then please give our friendly reception team near Hampstead a call and book yourself in.