Dermal fillers could be your secret to a youthful smile

Injectables    Dermal fillers could be your secret to a youthful smile

Your lips are constantly on the move, eating, talking, smiling, laughing, and having all sorts of fun. Unfortunately, all this movement, plus a loss of hyaluronic acid in your skin, can cause your lips to lose some of their youthful volumes. Most of us find that our lips become less full and defined over time.

As full, luscious lips are associated with youth and beauty, it’s little surprise that medical cosmetic lip enhancement treatments are in such demand.

Dermal fillers are particularly effective for lip enhancement. This is because they use a synthetic version of a hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar that occurs naturally in the plump, connective tissues of the human body to aid hydration and add volume. By injecting them into targeted areas in the right quantity, they can leave your lips looking beautifully hydrated and full of volume.

Dermal fillers are also ideal for creating definition – we can use them to emphasise the vermillion line (the outline of your lips) or to create a more clearly defined Cupid’s bow. We can also give your lips better symmetry or lift the corners of your mouth, which may currently look downturned and sad.

These days, there are dermal fillers that are specially formulated for use in the lips, giving a texture that is soft, pliable and that feels incredibly natural. This is important because we want you to feel confident about your smile and your capacity to be expressive and true to yourself.

Most dermal fillers now include a painkiller such as lidocaine to make the treatment as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

In most cases, a light touch is all that’s needed – just small amounts of dermal fillers in carefully chosen parts of the lips or the surrounding skin. A skilled aesthetician can achieve this.

Don’t feel shy about asking your practitioner about their experience of using dermal fillers for lip enhancement. They may have before and after images of previous patients, although this will depend on whether they’ve been given permission to show the images. They will also be able to talk to you about the pros and cons of this treatment and help create realistic expectations.

If you would like your lips to have the volume and definition of a youthful smile, dermal fillers are usually the treatment of choice. With the right approach, your lips will look beautiful natural but subtly enhanced, and keep your friends guessing as to whether you’ve had ‘work done’ or not.

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