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ZO Daily Skincare Program

ZO Skin Health

ZO Daily Skincare Program

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BDR Re-action Tonic

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Skinade MD Pre + Post Case Surgical Programme


Skinade MD Pre + Post Case Surgical Programme

For use pre and post-surgery, this skinade care programme triggers the wound healing response ahead of surgery. It also targets specific issues which are associated with surgical interventions. These include scarring, bleeding, bruising, swelling and inflammation. Covering a 45-day period using a specific 4-step protocol, the programme improves results from aesthetic surgery and lowers post-procedure downtime. The programme consists of the six following items:

  • Skinade Better Skin from Within Liquid Sachet x30 (dose: one per day)
  • Skinade Pre Care Powder Sachets x15 (dose: one per day)
  • Skinade Pre Care Capsules x15 (dose: one per day)
  • Skinade Post Care Powder Sachets x15 (dose: one per day)
  • Skinade Post Care Capsules x15 (dose: one per day)
  • Skinade Oral Spray x1 25ml / .85FL OZ Bottle (dose: three sprays 4-5 times per day or as directed by your surgeon)

£360.00   (inc. VAT)
£360.00   (inc. VAT)

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The programme consists of liquid and powder sachets, capsules and a sublingual spray enabling the ingredients to be consumed with optimal efficacy.

For ease of use the product comes with a specific tick box planner card that explains the daily protocol and tracks the full 45-day programme. All you have to do is follow the directions.


collagen peptides
7000mg 2kDal collagen peptide triggers fibroblast cells and HAS2 receptors to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the dermis.

Vitamin C
Vital to fibroblast cells producing collagen. Powerful antioxidant.

Vital to elastin production and preventing collagen fibrosis and crosslinking. Plays an important role in connective tissue repair and remodelling. Powerful detox agent and anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin B complex
Vital anti-oxidant compound. Supports nutrient delivery through optimizing capillary dilation. Low moods post-surgery are possible; B6 and B12 are known as ‘feel good’ vitamins.

flaxseed oil (omega 3 and 6)
These essentially fatty acids lowers inflammation, regulate oil production and increase hydration levels.

Essential amino acid. Helps integrate collagen at a cellular level. Powerful immune system booster.

nettle leaf 2% silica powder extract
Silica (SiO2) is necessary for the formation of collagen and connective tissue after surgery.

Cysteine is present in alpha-keratin constituent of fingernails, skin and hair. Helps to detoxify harmful toxins. Precursor of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that has an anti-ageing effect on the body. Promotes healing after surgery and severe burns. It works best when taken with selenium.

calcareous marine algae
Potent provider of calcium. Key to functionality of dependent Magnesium.

Helps relieve pain and swelling (inflammation) as well as fluid retention following trauma and surgery.

magnesium citrate
Can help to mitigate postoperative pain.

arnica montana
Targets bruising and swelling.

Designed to improve surgical wounds.

cardus marianus
Targets lymphatic drainage.

Designed to reduce scarring.

The most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue. Plays an important role in metabolic response to injury and protein synthesis by increasing available nitrogen.

Bromelain reduces oedema, bruising, pain, and healing time following trauma and surgical procedures. Bromelain should be taken in conjunction with quercetin to increase absorption (included in formula).

zinc gluconate
Powerful immune booster. Vital for skin healing – matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a family of zinc- dependent proteins involved in tissue remodelling and wound healing. Key to enzyme production including the powerful superoxidant dismutase.

vitamin a-retinol acetate
Necessary for growth, differentiation and maintenance of epithelial tissues. Low Vitamin A levels are associated with excess keratin secretion rendering membranes hard, dry and unable to carry out normal functions. Regulates normal cell proliferation.

natural mixed carotenoids
Converted into vitamin A to reduce oxidative damage to DNA. Vitamin C helps to maintain carotenoids in tissues.

copper bisglycinate
Contributes to collagen and elastin synthesis. Zinc, vitamin C are essential to synergistic functioning.

sodium selenite
Selenium help inhibit the oxidation of lipids by supporting the enzyme Glutathione.

citrus bioflavanoids
Help to reduce swelling and bruising. Essential for vitamin C absorption and synergistically protect and repair capillaries. Anti-viral properties support the immune system.

quercetin dihydrate
Inhibits histamine response and lowers inflammation. Helps to prevent fibrosis (scarring) during healing.

hypericum perforatum
Targets pain and discomfort.

calendula officianllis
Designed to promote wound healing.

Designed to reduce scarring.

vitamin k1
Targets bruising and coagulation.