What treatments can help with acne?

Acne    What treatments can help with acne?

Are you suffering from acne in St John’s Wood? We see a lot of residents in this area of Hampstead, who are finding their skin concerns stressful and embarrassing. They’re looking for treatments that will finally make a difference to their blackheads, whiteheads and hot, painful skin. We can help.

Most acne sufferers will have tried most dedicated acne relief products that can be bought over the counter, as well as a few that can be procured via prescription, with varying success. The adverts paint a very clear picture of how successful big brand acne products are, but the reality is that nothing really compares to the sort of skin peels that we can offer.

It makes sense to us that rather than apply more solutions to your face, which may cause relief or a worsening effect, you should peel off the layers of your skin that are affected by acne instead. We offer a variety of different skin peels. The best peel for you will depend on the severity of the problem.

Skin peels are the best treatments for acne in St John’s Wood

Whether your acne affects just your face, or your face and body, a refreshing skin peel should help greatly reduce visible skin problems. Our dedicated acne peel applies salicylic and azalea acids into your pores to give them a thorough unblocking and cleansing. This treatment is designed specifically to attack all kinds of acne and reduce break outs. It’s also great for soothing inflammation associated with acne.

Another skin peel we offer which also does a great job of improving the lives of acne sufferers is the pumpkin peel, which combines pumpkin pulp and acid to create a hydrating effect and huge heat response. Spots will be zapped out of existence. The corrective peel is designed to improve your skin also. Using two types of acid your cell turnover will increase, allowing clearer, spot free cells to appear more often. For just mild cases of acne, you might prefer the lite refresh peel, which will improve limited spots.

What happens during a skin peel treatment?

As with most of our St John’s Wood acne treatments, you’ll have a complimentary consultation to begin with, in order for us to perform an analysis of your skin and decide which peel is going to suit you best. It’s also important for us to find out about the history of your acne problem, as well as all the products you’re currently using on it.

When you come in for the actual treatment, your skin will be prepared with a thorough cleansing before we apply the peel solution. This is left on your skin for 10 minutes. It won’t hurt, but there may be some tingling. When the solution is peeled off, you will need to follow the after care guide we’ll give you. You should see results straight away, although after 7 days the results will be even better. A session of 6 peels will provide a more complete solution to your acne condition.

To find out more about our very effective acne solutions in St John’s Wood, please give our team of expert therapists a call.