Are dermal fillers the best facial fillers? 

Injectables    Are dermal fillers the best facial fillers? 

Our skin naturally loses its volume with age, making us look older. However, we can regain a youthful plumpness to our skin by having filler treatment. Dermal and facial fillers in Hampstead are rising in popularity, making local men and women look younger and more beautiful than ever.

The advantages of dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used to fill in deep creases and wrinkles in the face, including forehead lines, crows feet and marionette lines. They can give you a more even skintone, as well as reduce sun damage. These gel like substances are injected under the skin and contain hyaluronic acid, which is a substance found naturally in the body.

As long as they are applied by a skilled practitioner, modern dermal fillers make the best facial fillers. They take just 10 minutes to administer, the results are natural looking, can be seen immediately and there’s no down time. Additionally, this treatment has an excellent safety record. Fillers have been used in rejuvenation techniques since the 1980s, but the techniques and materials used have advanced dramatically in recent years.

Whether you’re having scars reduced, your cheekbones enhanced or your lips augmented, you can now expect your filler treatment to look very natural. Your friends and family will notice that you’re looking subtly younger, but rather than wondering whether you’ve had facial work done, they might assume you’ve had a positive lifestyle change instead.

Alternatives to dermal fillers

Fat transfer is a filler treatment, which involves taking fat from your stomach or thighs and transferring it to your face. The technique for transfer procedures are still evolving and although the filler is more permanent, fat is softer. This means the force exerted on the skin is less firm and consequently, the effects are less noticeable. This is also a more invasive technique, that carries more risks and involves more downtime. It’s simply not as convenient as dermal fillers.

Fillers are not to be confused with Wrinkle Injections

Although both fillers and Wrinkle reduction are anti wrinkle injectables, they do very different things. Filler adds a cushioning under the skin to make your face appear more youthfully plumper and fills in deep furrows in the face to reduce them.Wrinkle reduction relaxes the facial muscles to stop the muscles from contracting and causing wrinkles. Fillers are more effective on some facial lines, while Wrinkle reduction is more effective on others. If you’re unsure which treatment will best reduce your facial lines, please take advice from one of team members.

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If you’d like to look younger than your years, by smoothing over some deep lines and plumping up skin that looks aged due to thinning, please be assured that the dermal fillers we use are administered expertly and safely by our experienced practitioners. You can look rejuvenated after just a couple of days, when any swelling or bruising goes down, and you can see the full effect. Please give us a call to book your free consultation.