Do lip fillers really make your lips look fuller without duck lips? 

Injectables    Do lip fillers really make your lips look fuller without duck lips? 

Our lips start to thin naturally as we get older, but dermal filler treatment will restore lost lip volume. Looking for reliable lip fillers in Hampstead? Then your search is over. Lip augmentation treatment is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the USA and it’s on the increase on this side of the Atlantic too.

You will also be pleased to hear that the trial and error period for this treatment is over. Do you remember when a whole host of celebrities suddenly appeared on your screens, sporting the latest trout pout or duck lips? Infamous online gossip site, Radar, reported that Jessica Simpson regretted her trout pout when it was undertaken eight years ago. This was when modern lip augmentation was still in its infancy. Back in 2011, the Daily Mail named Abby Crouch, Meg Ryan, Patsy Kensit and Leslie Ash as all having ridiculous looking lips, but techniques and even the filling materials have changed dramatically since these celebrities had their procedures.

Practitioners have become more efficient at achieving the desired results the first time and very experienced dermal filler providers, such as the team at Aesthetics Lab in Hampstead, know exactly what needs to be done in each individual case to give you perfectly proportioned, full lips and consequently; a more youthful appearance.

Modern lip filler treatment in Hampstead

Originally, in the 1980s, the filler applied to plumped up lips was collagen-based, but as these effects lasted for such a short period of time, more permanent materials were used. The side-effect of this was that lips looked very unnaturally augmented. As soon as hyaluronic acid-based substances were introduced to the cosmetic industry, they were made popular by leading filler brands. Augmented lips began to take on a much more natural shape, largely because hyaluronic acid itself is a natural substance, found in the body.

The filler injection sites also moved away from the edge of the lips to avoid overstuffing and creating the very literal stiff upper lip of the early days of lip augmentation. These days, with a professional, experienced practitioner, duck lips or a trout pout are far less likely to occur.

What does the treatment involve?

Before any treatment is embarked upon at the Aesthetics Lab, you will have a consultation with a member of our team. There will be a discussion about the sort of lips you’d like to achieve and what is realistically possible. Small doses of dermal filler will then be administered in the necessary sites to give you optimal results. The treatment only takes 10 minutes and your lips will look plumped up immediately afterwards, although you may need to wait a couple of days for any bruising or swelling to go down.

If you’d like predictable results that match the lips discussed during your consultation, then please get in touch with our experts here at the Aesthetics Lab. The lip fillers at our Hampstead practice won’t give you duck lips, but rather younger, more subtly voluminous lips, which look natural.