Feel fresher with a skin peel

Body    Feel fresher with a skin peel

Are you fed up of having to use a concealer to hide the signs of ageing that look more prominent when you’re feeling tired or under the weather? Do you wish you could have a more even, more youthful-looking skin contour without having to plaster on the makeup? Think of the time you’d save!

Skin peels have the potential to do that. Our Hampstead-based skin peels have provided many of our clients with younger looking skin, a more optimistic outlook and increased confidence in their appearance. At the very least, our lighter skin peels should help make you feel fresher and brighter.

How do skin peels in the Hampstead area work?

Skin peels can correct a number of different skin complaints. They work by exfoliating the top layer of your skin to reveal fresh, less blemished skin tissue beneath. Have you got age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, acne or acne scarring that you’d like to greatly reduce? A skin peel may well be the answer. If you book soon, we may be able to fit you in before Valentine’s Day!

To remove the surface layer of your skin; the layer containing the highest concentration of skin damage, our highly trained and experienced practitioners, here at our practice near Hampstead, will use a skin peel solution. A common key ingredient of skin peels is glycolic acid, but the formula and various concentrations involved in it, will be determined once you’ve had your skin assessed by a member of our team. We want to provide optimal results, so to do that we need to tailor the skin peel solution for your skin. Please give us a call if you’d like to book yourself in a for an informal, no-obligation chat about your skin needs.

How long do skin peels take?

When you visit our skin peel practice near Hampstead to have the treatment, you’ll receive the skin peel previously discussed during your consultation. The solution will be painted on to your skin, where it will remain for a few minutes. Your practitioner will then wash the solution away. Your face may be pink following treatment and it might feel a bit tingly, but technically no downtime is required. After a few days, your skin will begin to peel. You might want to book a day off work at this point, unless you don’t mind explaining why your face is peeling.

After the surface layer of skin has been shed and the pinkness of the fresh skin has faded, you’re likely to find that the skin issues that have been troubling you, are greatly improved. To find out more about our skin peel menu, the different conditions we treat with skin peels here, near Hampstead, and how quickly we can book you an appointment, please give us a call.